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Wasp has a brilliant future in Thailand
Wasp has a brilliant future in ThailandWasp has a brilliant future in Thailand
I burnt my muffin !!

My cheesey muffin.

It's a lake of smelly material now .

Onwards .............

And why all this interest in column spans ?

Well ….. there was this absolutely standard situation 200 metres from Missy’s land.

Absolutely standard.
Young ( 19 ) attractive daughter , drunken dad , other children …. no money .

And debts.

Their solution ?
The attractive daughter will go to Pattaya . Lots of ways of making money there and eventually cleaning up the family’s problems.
But that requires money just to get started .
So borrow the money against the one asset you still have . The land on which your house stands.
( Oh Oh . Here we go. )

So starts the downhill trail trodden upon by so many many Thais .

Because what the family hadn’t considered was that the daughter might quite like being in Pattaya with cash in her hands. She quite liked the malls , the bars , the dancing .
She needed more money – for her rent { disco } – for her food { restaurants } – for her living costs { mobile phone, shopping , glitzy glitzy } – and nice mum kept sending cash to her little incinerator .
Mum borrowed more against her land while still believing she was investing in a future return .

It didn’t happen of course.

Borrowing reached 240 000 Baht at which point the lending stopped .

Pay now … or lose land .”.. said the charming Chinese lenders.
A life-destroying ultimatum expressed in 5 words and 3 dots.

There’s no way in the World that this pleasant , plump , good heart can pay the bill.

Her land fronts straight onto a busy commercial little road and it’s long but narrow .( That’s the sort of open goal Dillinger is likely to swoop on ).

Long …. about 78 metres but narrow at 12 metres.
Heartbroken disappointed mum decided to move her rubbishy house to the back half and sell off the front half .


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