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Wasp has a brilliant future in ThailandWasp has a brilliant future in Thailand
Look . 7 Posts already . Watch out Bettyboo.

* My question was about how far apart you can space the supporting columns in a build.

It has never occurred to me that there might be Thai Regulations about this sort of thing . And it certainly would never have occurred to me that anybody might apply such regulations.

I thought it was a free-for-all .
Not in the Bangkok high-rises obviously …… but so many ramshackle houses exist in Issann I thought the only control was how much money you could borrow.
I was thinking 3.6 metres was the right span . Then I saw terp had columns 4 metres apart.
rickschoppers came in with 5 metre spans ( bloody show-off ) , Baitong Boy didn’t want to tell me anything and then BkkBill has got some 8 metre spans !

[Of course stevefarang has probably got 54 metre spans ]

So is there an answer ?

Is there regulation on this ?

I'm out of shape for this .
I need a coffee and a cheesey muffin.


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