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Wasp has a brilliant future in Thailand
Wasp has a brilliant future in ThailandWasp has a brilliant future in Thailand
And now 6kon .... who I blame for this .


Well it started as one question .

How far apart can I position the upright concrete posts in a simple house construction ? “

For some reason I had 3.6 metres stuck in my mind but now I think that’s because the Roman Kings in Missy’s house are separated by about 3.6 metres.

I asked the question expecting to get maybe two answers but it became a 20 Post chat inside Bettyboo’s pristine Thread .

Then Roobarb decided he would sound cool copying Ted and Bill’s Excellent Adventure by calling me “ dude ” – which stopped being fashionable about 1998 .
Start a new Thread on it dude

So here we are .


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