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It's the decadence, Piwi
Yeah I suppose you are right Helge , he should live in some dingy tin shack like many within 100 metres of me ,go to work on a moped ,and sell "big issue"and give all his hard earned dough to the paupers of this world , just like all the other self made multimillionaires do.
Eh ?
Yeah its a crime to be rich and successful ,did'nt ya know? look at the rich Kunt Man U's Wayne Rooney ,he's worth 50 million quid and making 20 million a year ,he's got a big fancy 3 million quid pad plus a mansion in Barbados , and drives round in flashy car's , his wife too has her own business and is making mega bucks in the bargain ,if he was my son I would be terrible ashamed of him for reaching the very pinnacle of his chosen profession and all the riches that go with it Wayne Rooney Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth
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