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The Buddha image on my shelf was blessed by 108 Monks. The purpose of him being here in my living room is for me to pay homage, remind me of his teaching, and help train me to be a good human being. The paintings and other decorative items that are sold in shops are just pieces of furniture. It really shows no respect for him and all Buddhists to even consider him as a piece of furniture. I am opposed to all ideas of having Buddha images as decoration of the house. It is different with the paintings of temples or other sacred places, since they show what he has done for us.

I don't think Buddha really would care what you do in your bedroom, even if he was there. He has seen it all and already knows about the lust in humans. That is why he gave it all up in search of the real meaning of life. The idea of having him in our bedroom just does not sound right for me, as a Buddhist. Besides, what ever I do in my bedroom should be my business.
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