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Show where you place Buddha

Buddha has been a part of many Thai's lives for a long time. Each Buddhist home will have his image somewhere. Some people place him on the "Hing" (shelf), so it's called "HingPhra". For some who have more space in their house provide him with his own room call "HongPhra", and place him on a set of a tables called "TohMooBuJa". I wonder how many of you have a Buddha image in your home, and where you place him. So, share a photo with us.

Here is a picture of mine. Buddha is on the top shelf of an etagere, and faces the northeast.

This Buddha image is "BudDhaChinNaRaj", and was given to me by a local Wat when I first moved here. It's has been specially made for export, and approved by the King of Thailand for this purpose. It can be identified by the King's symbol on the front.
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