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^ Interesting.
As a kid in Assam in the '50s, I remember my dad, an administrator there, hosting a British army team looking for a downed British plane in our district.

Shillong, Assam, was the staging point for the campaign against the Japs in Burma.
The British left tons of ammunition and supplies there after the war.
Cherrapunji, where I lived was the recuperation area for the troops in that campaign, my mother was a Red Cross nurse at the time..

Later, the two Brit. officers from that team tried to buy a gold mine there "for as much money as an elephant could carry", in my father's words.

The Khasi people wisely refused their offer.

Bordering on Burma, the Khasi hills are now an autonamous region under India, Meghalaya.

Ri Khasi baha!

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