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Originally Posted by BobR View Post
This driver really deserves the 2 years, he is not a scapegoat. If you have not seen this channel 4 video, also referenced also above, even after he plead guilty to killing 5 people, when the British reported asked him if he had anything to say, the drivers response was that he did not do anything wrong, that he was stopped in the road waiting to make a turn and was hit. That complete lack or remorse or willingness to accept responsibility warrants a severe prison sentence.

The undocumented dangers of Thailand's roads - Channel 4 News
I get a different impression. The driver looks rather remorseful in the video, did say that he was sorry. He did say it was an accident to make things seem softer, but that's the Thai way, you can't expect him to handle it in exactly the same way a Farang would. After all, he did stay at the scene of crime and pleaded guilty in court.

He deserves the two years for being reckless and taking that shortcut... but that move was probably done many times before by him and others. This merits an investigation, and also traffic mitigation measures to make the move impossible in the future. Overall, the driver seems like a decent-enough chap who made a mistake.
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