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StrontiumDog has a brilliant future in ThailandStrontiumDog has a brilliant future in ThailandStrontiumDog has a brilliant future in ThailandStrontiumDog has a brilliant future in ThailandStrontiumDog has a brilliant future in ThailandStrontiumDog has a brilliant future in ThailandStrontiumDog has a brilliant future in Thailand
'Hotel CCTV footage deleted' | Bangkok Post: breakingnews

'Hotel CCTV footage deleted' A political activist claims a senior politician ordered the deletion of CCTV footage taken on the seventh floor of the Four Seasons Hotel during Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s visit on Feb 8, reports said on Saturday.

Taikorn Polsuwan's Facebook page

Taikorn Polsuwan, a leader of the independent political group Isan Ku Chart and a former member of the Democrat Party, claimed on his Facebook page that the deletion was ordered by a “deputy prime minister”.

He claimed the deletion was ordered because what appeared in the footage could lead to the replacement of the prime minister if it were made public.

Mr Thaikorn, who had a major role in collecting evidence that led to the dissolution of the Thai Rak Thai party in 2007, cited a high-profile source who works at the hotel.

According to Mr Thaikorn's account, the footage showed a big and tall man walking into a hotel room shortly before 2pm and a woman entering the same room shortly after 2pm. The same woman left before 6pm, and about 20 minutes after that the man was seen walking out.

Further verification would be made to identify the man and the woman in the footage, he said.

Mr Thaikorn's accusation came on the same day that Srettha Thavisin, president of the SET-listed property developer Sansiri Plc, admitted that he met Ms Yingluck on the seventh floor of the hotel on Feb 8 with six or seven others to discuss several topics including the political situation and the economy.

The meeting took place from 2pm to 4pm, the time that Ms Yingluck was supposed to have been attending a House session.

The premier has been under heavy pressure from the opposition to explain her presence at the hotel and to clarify if the meeting had anything to do with a conflict of interest.

A Pheu Thai Party spokesman said that Ms Yingluck had met with the businessmen at the hotel solely to gather information to help the government run the country.

Chalitrat Chantharubeksa called on opposition MPs, who have been hounding the premier over the meeting, to work in more constructive ways in monitoring the government.

Mr Srettha, meanwhile, denied some local media reports that the Four Seasons event was a one-on-one meeting, arranged to sound him out about taking a high-profile position with a state enterprise.

The meeting became an issue after businessman Ekkayuth Anchanbutr, a longtime foe of the premier's brother Thaksin Shinawatra, claimed he was assaulted by Thaksin's former security guard while he was sitting at a coffee shop in the hotel.

Mr Ekkayuth claimed he was assaulted because he saw the prime minister going upstairs at the hotel and coming back down and that he could name those he saw with her, which could cause a lot of embarrassment.
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