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Debate on referendum hoting up
the highly contentious question of whether and/or when a public referendum on the issue should take place.

It is not as contentious as this propaganda outlet tries to make it seem.

Their agenda is to prevent constitutional reform of any sort, considering the advantages they wrote into the past version under their ant-democratic, coup administration.

Trying to position the question of having a referendum or not as pre-eminent, is merely a delaying tactic to anything associated with constitutional reform.

They are trying their damndest to make it contentious.
Pheu Thai MP Natthawut Saikua yesterday ruled out a referendum before amending the charter, saying the people should be consulted only after draft amendments are completed.

The extensive quoting of Nathawut in this article is telling.

It recognizes that he does not speak for himself, and a localized narrow political base, but a national movement.

And let me assure you, Constitution reform is Job #1 for this Movement..matched only by the political prisoner thing.

There is a clear awareness within the UDD/Red Shirts that without constitutional reform, and soon, mechanisms remain in place for the Amart to steal another democratically ellected Govt. and hand it over to their favorite post-coup group - the Democrat party.

They know they need to act, while they can. They will try to avoid being pulled into a bureaucratic morass such as having pre-charter change referendums.

Clearly a delaying tactic.
She (EC) said the voting outcome for the July 3 general election should not be construed as a mandate to amend the charter

Yes it should, and it is.

Charter amendment was made clear throughout the election campaign.

By extension, trying to isolate this one, is tantamount to opening all other campaign promises to referendums, pre and post.

This EC operative and her Amart colleagues really don't like the election results, and would like to avoid the concept of an "electoral mandate" that an election victory bestows.

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