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Here is a picture of the rough plan that I will be following to build the house. My apologies for the lack of quality, but it should give everyone an idea of what I started with. Like I have mentioned, I have made many changes and anticipate making more as the project progresses. Many have found that it is not always possible to follow plans exactly, but as the project unfolds, there are many tweeks and improvements that are needed.

One of the major changes is to block in all but one bay on the first floor which will be left open for car parking. This will increase the living space quite a bit and allow for a large living room.

On the second floor there is a large balcony and a living area that will be where I place the 5 meter x 5 meter teak panels. The wider part of the upstairs will be block and the wall leading out to the balcony will be all glass with double swinging doors. I liked the large covered balcony which should have a good view of the entire lot and beyond.

This is the first floor plan and again all but one bay will be blocked in to increase the living area. One bay will be left and an outside Thai kitchen will be on the backside of the house.

The second floor will not have a kitchen, but will be open to one great room. Everything else will remain the same and the final product will have 3 bedrooms and 2 toilets with two large great rooms.

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