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These pictures were taken last month during the rainy season. All of the fill dirt has settled since last January and should be good to go by the end of October or November when the rainly season ends. The first task will be the foundation and I will be talking to a few builders in October to see who I can sub out the work to. I intend to be the project manager, buy all the materials and be on site every day of the build. These are all decisions I have made after reading TD.

This is a picture looking at one of the corners of the building area where both roads intersect.

My lady at the back end of the building area.

This is one side of the building area facing the road. The front of the house will face this road and have a partial block wall with a steel gate similar to what I had built on the family house below.

I will replace the barbed wire with some decorative steel work similar to the gate design.

This is a picture of the other side of the building area facing the pond which is behind the trees. The second entrance will be by the pond to allow tractors or trucks, cars or motorbikes to enter the lot. My plan is to build a four bay sala about 20x10 meters behind the house.

On top of the bulding area. The house will be approximately 24x13 meters with two stories. I will post pictures of the rough plans in the near future.

This is about center of the building area and the view we will have from the dining area.

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