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Here is the new building lot that is 4 rai and has much better views and more suited for a residence. There is a barbed wire fence around the land which is one less thing to pay for. I will be adding two entrances, one that will be block with a steel gate and another down the lot for tractor and other access. The pond can be enlarged, but is very far down the list right now.

The building portion is fronted by a road and is higher in elevation. This makes it very nice to build and be able to look down the lot to the pond and land below.

This shot is looking at about where the house will be built. There is also another road the runs along the pond side of the land. This is about 1/4 km in the other direction from the family house.

The first load of fill dirt to create a pathway for the truckloads of fill dirt.

The upper level of the lot was plowed by one of the family members and it sets up about a meter from the next drop down of land. There are a total of three terraces.

Note the expensive markers for the truck drivers to know the perimeter of the fill dirt. This lot was 680,000 baht for 4 rai which is a good price for this area.

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