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^ I doubt the yellow supporters are thrilled.

Originally Posted by StrontiumDog
I wonder whether, as a society, we have learned that this sort of behaviour cannot and will no longer be tolerated?

I wonder. Especially when the arch criminals were in many cases people entrusted with important roles in the protection and preservation of the Thai Constitution and it's system of governance. I hope certain individuals from the Military, 'judiciary', 'Democrat' party, Fourth estate, and several prominent crony capitalists will indeed come to accept this. It's only downhill for Thailand otherwise.
I don't think anything has been learned. Given the opportunity I think the vast majority of Thai politicians would use the military, judiciary etc. to cement their power.

Both parties have unrealistic policies centered around giving ppl money. None have proper development plans. Things look downhill for Thailand no matter who wins.

The country's work force is unskilled, it's environment in a sad state, HR aren't respected and the education system is piss poor. But the food is nice.
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